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Editor\Webmaster P Smith

CVNS Editor Notes
It is quite clear now from reports that other charity organisations are being targeted by paedophiles " Are the authorities " doing enough??"
Oxfam among other charities reeling as 120 workers accused of sexual abuse in last year alone
Minister threatens to withdraw aid funding
February 11 2018, 6:00pm, The Sunday Times
More than 120 workers for Britain’s leading charities were accused of sexual abuse in the past year alone, fuelling fears that paedophiles are targeting organisations.

MONDAY 8th JANUARY 2018 -Now approved

“Is This Ground Hog Day"?,
As I Seem To Be Living Ground Hog Day All over Again”
Having been at Luton police station all day today (3-1-2018) after being arrested for the second time in the last few years, from a complaints that has been made against me for the second time by Cllr Richard Stay, I then had to give a statement to the police,
I have now been charged by the police with causeing Cllr Richard Stay anxiety/annoyance/and inconvenience.
Contrary to Section 127(2)(c)and (3) of the Communication Act 2003 after he made a complaint to the police about me publishing articles on the cvns about him that he has said it is false. The evidence that I have will be put before the court, and then the truth will then come out

The CVNS  is puzzled as to why Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire police are using so much of police time in visiting this website over and over again through out the day, yet they cannot even arrange for a visit that has been requested to Chief Inspector Matthew Thompson 5860 of Beds Police so many times by the editor, asking for a ranking officer to visit to get a statement regarding these allegation that's been reported to the cvns along with providing evidence that supports these allegations, this request has been refused by Chief Inspector Thompson 5860 of Beds Police."WHY?"
                                "Number of visit to this page in 27 days-2,167"

Some of the advisory board
"After having had so many requests from readers asking the editor who this leading Central Bedfordshire councillor is. It has been decided to name this councillor, "he is the former deputy leader of Central Beds Council: "Cllr Richard Stay", there no prizes for all those who did ask if it was him".
There is so much more to report at a later date regarding the reporting of this to Bedfordshire police and the PCC Kathryn Holloway and their resonse to the editor.
After the editor received a letter from the deputy Chair of Kids-Count "Mr Steve Dowdle", when he asked for evidence to support the allegations that has been reported to the cvns, the editor said he could not possibly provide this, as it may interfere with any possible future police investigations into Kids-Count, then soon after this email and the response to to Steve Dowdle,  "Kids-Count website then went off line Why"?
"The Chair of Kids-Count Nigel Evans", the Conservative MP, On 4th May 2013, Nigel Evans MP was arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assaulting two young men. Evans's trial began on 10th March 2014.
Kids-Count registered office is a private house at 8 Ross Way, Slip End

CHAPTER (1) the first eight pages of this  book that has been published is devoted to what happened to this couple "Patrick and Christine Smith" read their story'
Editors Notes: Was this a conspiracy,cover-up or both by the Bedfordshire police force? Read this book about rough justice within the British police force. For an example A Bedfordshire police statement that was released at the time to the local newspaper (Luton on Sunday) about Mr Mrs Smith , was found later to have been just lies that had been fabricated and was untrue "a typical trick Beds police use to protect their reputation”).
Names had been left out by the author of this book “But they have been inserted by the CVNS editor for clarification in the public’s interest”
You can also see a collection of letters that was sent to "Cllr Richard Stay" from the Bedforshire police, and letters from  a councillors solicitor also to Cllr Stay who chose to ignored them, then see the story taken from the local newspapers, when Stay wanted to become Bedfordshire's PCC. these are published in the public interest     CLICK HERE To read more

An Article From The Past "A Caddington Couple Is Arrested"
A significant amount of public money has been needlessly spent defending the claim in an attempt to stifle legitimate concerns as to the conduct of officers.” Stefano Ruis of (Hickman & Rose London solicitor) said, "The determination of Mr and Mrs Smith to see justice done in the face of continued opposition from the police serves as reminder that the force must be accountable to ordinary citizens. Mr & Mrs Smith should be commended for their readiness to resist this and call the police to account."  It is understood that Mr Smith said this is not ended and will never end until the police officers are brought to account by a private prosecution in a court of law for making false statements against them.
This is because the Bedfordshire police have refused to open a criminal investigation into the 3 bent police officers also one former employee of their own legal department. There is no other course of action than to take out a Private prosecutions against the police,  that  is now on the card to show how the police have acted

Do you ever wonder what  Deloitte & Touche LLP and Vauxhall General Motors "(GM") with their Planning  Application to Build 350 houses in Caddington  and  One Central Beds councillor Richard Stay all have in Common????
CVNS:  is using the CVNS as a platform,regarding one of Caddington CBC ward councillor Richard Stay who has little or nothing to say, but only makes  personal attacks against just about anyone who disagree with him or question his role as a councillor, for an example he attacks  the editor of this website  on his spellings and grammar, but says little or nothing about the issues being raised. This is typical ploy of Cllr Richard Stay when he has little or nothing else he can say in his defence.  
(Was there or could there have been a conflict of interest by Cllr Stay??)
Read more on what Cllr Stay has said in the past and what he is saying now

£3.6m of taxpayers' money wasted as Nirah project finally folds.
Who can remembers the Nirah Project with a BBC TV interview with Central Beds Cllr Richard Stay who seems to looked very  uncomfortable having to answer such questions put to him (see the video), that left the Bedfordshire tax payer short changed of over £3.6 million and was left with just a hole in the ground. after Cllr Stay who fully supported this project from the very  start and was one of of those who was at the helm of this project ,

                                                 Cllr Adam Zerny
How Central Beds Council allocated money from "YOUR" community to projects miles away.
This is a story about how a local  authority CBC took money destined for your community and spent it on its own
Section 106 - How CBC has allocated £millions to areas miles away from communities affected
by development, and what you can do about it

"Time for the Truth"
Rob Smith former Beds police officer of 20 years.
Firstly, I am strictly speaking, as an unemployed policeman. I served as a frontline Police Officer with Bedfordshire Police for over twenty years before I was unfairly treated by a number of individuals and the police force itself.? CLICK HERE To read what seems to be another under the carpet cover up by the Beds PSD.

An Article From The Past "A Caddington Couple Is Arrested"
A significant amount of public money has been needlessly spent defending the claim in an attempt to stifle legitimate concerns as to the conduct of officers.” Stefano Ruis of (Hickman & Rose London solicitor) said, "The determination of Mr and Mrs Smith to see justice done in the face of continued opposition from the police serves as reminder that the force must be accountable to ordinary citizens. Mr & Mrs Smith should be commended for their readiness to resist this and call the police to account."

This is the second Bedfordshire police officer who has left the force due to Harassment or being a Victim of Racial Discrimination at work
A Bedfordshire police officer who was a victim of racial discrimination at work has criticised the time taken by the police watchdog over a subsequent inquiry.Sgt Harmit Bahra won an employment tribunal in 2014 that found he had been passed over for promotion by Bedfordshire Police on grounds of race.He was awarded £200,000 damages in 2015. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has now  began another investigating into 15 Bedfordshire police officers for gross misconduct.The IPCC said the case was "complex".

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain
It’s a growing problem theyre hunting whistleblowers, instead of talking
to journalists they should stop looking for reasons to arrest them.
by Neil Darbyshire assistant editor at the Daily Mail. He is a former deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph, where he was crime correspondent for many years

PC Robert Williams, 26, based at Luton Police Station, will appear at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on 14 June charged with two counts of rape and two counts of sexual activity with a child, on the recommendation of the Crown Prosecution Service. The alleged offences took place in 2007-2008, prior to PC Williams joining the police. The charges, resulting from a complaint made to police in August 2016, relate to a child aged between 13 and 15 at the time that the alleged offences took place. PC Williams joined Bedfordshire Police in September 2014 and is currently suspended from duty.
Further information that has not been disclosed or provided to future purchasers of these homes, This site apart from being  previous owned by General Motors who marketed this site, and was once used to test new vehicles, and more recently to store new vehicles, What has not been mentioned in Redrow document.
In the 1950s  this site was a commercial rubbish land fill site, used by Skefko’s the Luton bearing company who used it to dump its industrial commercial waste into this landfill site until it was sold off to General Motors (Vaxuhall Motors), who applied in 2014 and got planning permission for 350 house,once it got the planning permission It was then sold to Redrow who now are building houses on this former landfill site. It could be said this site is suitable for housing development, without any problems in the future but read what has been said about building houses on landfill site.

The Old Vicarage,
Would  you put your loved ones into this home?? after seeing the written report about this Central Beds care home that is rated as 'INADEQUATE'  "Inadequate"  is the lowest rating that can be given..and it has been stated there were not enough staff to provide a safe, effective care"

Woodside Nursing and Residential Care Home
The Old Vicarage,
Church Road, Slip End,
Owner: Shires Healthcare Ltd
Person in charge: Mandy Colman (Manager)      CLICK HERE To read the full report

IPCC-Police watchdog are investigating 15 Bedfordshire Police officers and staff for racial discrimination

Caddington Road Closure
MV Kelly’s have confirmed that they will be implementing phase 3 on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 and NOT Wenesday 26th April as shown on the Map.
CLICK HERE To see the road maps


Private Prosecutions
Principle: A private prosecution is a prosecution started by a private individual, or entity who/which is not acting on behalf of the police or other prosecuting authority. A 'prosecuting authority' includes, but is not limited to, an entity which has a statutory power to prosecute.
There are a number of organisations that regularly prosecute cases before the courts of England and Wales but they do so as private individuals, using the right of any individual to bring a private prosecution..                                   CLICK HERE To read more on this issue

See how the Wolves (Beds Police Force and the PSD)set about and  have turned on their own, after serving 20 years along side of  them, If this can happens to  a former Bedfordshire  police officer what chance has joe public have.?   Time for the Truth  About Me (Rob Smith) former Beds police officer of 20 years.
Firstly: I am strictly speaking, as an unemployed policeman. I served as a frontline Police Officer with Bedfordshire Police for over twenty years before I was unfairly treated by a number of individuals and the police force itself.  CLICK HERE To read more

"HMIC Inspectors report" reveals 'high number of grievances'against Bedfordshire Police officers
By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: December 08, 2016

Deputy Chief Constable Mike Colbourne
(HMIC) INSPECTORS have 'serious concerns' that Bedfordshire Police is not in a position to ensure its staff behave 'ethically and fairly', according to a report released this morning.

Police agree to pay out £103,000 to couple

                                                                                                                                                            Patrick and Christine Smith

A couple Patrick and Christine Smith wins a legal action with damages and cost from the Beds Police after they were arrested for harassment without violence against Cllr Richard Stay.

It has been 6 years to the day on the 28th August 2010 that my wife and I were arrested for harassment without violence after a complaint was made to the police by Richard Stay who is one of our Central Beds councillors, this turned out to be just nonsence. It took the Bedfordshire police 3 years to own up they were in the wrong just before going into court, yet there is still 3 police officers on duty who lied to support the police legal department in a civil court action with such fabricated statements to discredit me this can be shown to be fabricated with CCTV and the police own interview tapes. Read the full story by going to the "Rough Justice Button".  Who could be their next victim "You" ?. This will never go away until there is an investigation into the Bedfordshire legal department who used 3 of their own police officers to make these false and fabricated statements to win a civil court action, these dirty tricks the police legal department used need to be exposed. It is not as if the Chief Constable is not aware of this issue as the Bedfordshire Police make regular visits to the CVNS website on a daily basis they are one of the most regular followers of this website.
There has been a book written and published by the author Roger Williams called "Rough Justice", the first chapter is devoted to our case, click on link belows to read the first chapter of this book

CLICK HERE To read the full story how we were treated &what happen to us


CLICK HERE To read  the Rough Justice book

See what Cllr Kevin Collins and Cllr Richard had said in January  2014
But now are supporting  LTRFC moving to Caddington

NOTICE that the next meeting of CADDINGTON PARISH COUNCIL will be held on MONDAY 12TH DECEMBER  2016 at 7:30pm at Caddington Sports & Social Club

Bedfordshire police working to 'address'
HMIC concerns after it fails report

By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: November 03, 2016     By Jenna Hutber
BEDFORDSHIRE Police has been told to improve its efficiency after criminal justice inspectors said the force 'requires improvement'.Bedfordshire Police failed to improve on last year's 'requires improvement' ranking This relates to a visit to the force by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) in April, looks at how efficient the force is at keeping people safe and reducing crime .
Gypsies & Travellers From Ireland
Republic of Ireland's land trespass law, 2002  which effectively evicted Irish gypsies/travellers from Ireland
A petition was set up to challenge this law that was passed in Republic of Ireland,This petition seems to only got a small amount  signatures. Once the UK have exited the EU with Brexit would the government look at passing a similar law in the UK. This petition has since been archived.

CHAPTER (1) the first of eight pages of this published book is devoted to what happened to  
"Patrick and Christine Smith" read their story
Was it Conspiracy, Cover-up or Both?
This is how the Bedfordshire Police Professional Standard Department works. (Protecting their own officer especially their investigating officers from their own "PSD" (investigation department). "THERE IS WORDS FOR THIS- “CORRUPTION AND COVER UP”.

What has taken place with one of their customer you may want to look elsewhere when you consider purchasing your next phone..
CLICK HERE To to read the full story about one of their customers

CHAPTER (1) the first of eight pages of this published book is devoted to what happened to  
"Patrick and Christine Smith" read their story
Was it Conspiracy, Cover-up or Both?
This is how the Bedfordshire Police Professional Standard Department works. (Protecting their own officer especially their investigating officers from their own PSD investigation department). "THERE IS WORDS FOR THIS- “CORUPPTION AND COVER UP”. And it is still going on right under the new PCC Kathryn Holloways nose, it may be the case that she does not know about it, or chose to ignore it so not to upset the apple cart.

Is this what Central Bedfordshire Council had in mind when they granted planning permission for 350 houses to be built in Caddington? A letter to the editor  from a local lady requesting for her letter to be publish, with her stating that
 "We both left bitterly disappointed and quite frankly very angry and upset"

Identity theft happens when fraudsters access enough information about someone’s identity (such as their name, date of birth, current or previous addresses) to commit identity fraud. Identity theft can take place whether the fraud victim is alive or deceased.

On a lighter note
My Grand daughter Holly on holiday with us Christine and  me (editor) in Zante Greece 2015 age 6 years of age , Singing with a  family friend KK who does Elvis around the resorts. Sorry about the quality but the video was taken on a mobile phone.

                                                 Potton Ward Councillor Adam Zerny
Central Bedfordshire council, Axed their council staff only for them to get new jobs –back with the same council on a higher wage
More than £256,000 of taxpayer’ money has been spent on redundancy payouts at Central Bedfordshire Council, only for many of those laid off to be re-employed - one employee was given redundancy of nearly £25,000 and then taken back on with an increased salary of more than £27,000 just a month later.
CLICK HERE To read the full report   from CBC Independent Group leader  Councillor Adam Zerny has said about this.

Budget  2016 Consultation -
Council spending plans for next  year
We have  published our spending plans for next year and we are now asking residents and  others for their views on our proposals.
On Monday (4  January) we began to consult with residents about our budget proposals and we  are keen to engage with them, so they can have their say. We would be grateful  if you could help us to encourage residents to take part. CLICK HERE To read more

How Central Bedfordshire council Spends Your Money
Tim Smart, a Bedfordshire businessman criticised the council on its spending He said:  "Someone needs to come out and tell the truth as to why this money was spent.  Why would you spend all that money with Amazon?" Dia  Chakravarty, from the taxpayers’ The authority has so far spent £86,166 on legal costs on a housing dispute with Luton Borough Council. another £124.95  as been spent at Long Tall Sally, a London clothes shop for tall women.
My Grandson: Bradley Brown (The Spartan Prince)
Today my Grandson Bradley who Fights under the name of the “Spartan Prince” from the Spartan Gym in Sunderland won and now hold the World Kickboxing Association 5 nations (WKA 5)K1 kickboxing title that he won today 6th Feb 2016. Bradley went to Switzerland 2 years ago and become the world champion in his weight and brought back to England a gold. He has not been back to defend his world title .Bradley is a true warrior of the ring. Bradley also plays for the Hetton Junior Lazio football club another sport he loves, that he is very good at, One can only say he is an all round sports person that any parents would be proud of. His dad was a cage fighter and spends many hours at the Spartan Gym with Bradley, his mum Chrissy Brown (Smith) up to a couple of weeks ago use runs a physical training boot camp in the evenings. So one can say an all round sport minded family. CLICK HERE To see Bradley training at the age of 4  and half years of age
Central Bedfordshire ​Council planning department is a 'shambles'
A SENIOR planning consultant has branded a council planning department 'the worst I have ever had to deal with'.
Paul England of Suffolk consultancy England Architectural and Town Planning , who has been liaising with the authority's planning officers of behalf of a Bedfordshire client for two years, has spoken out against Central Bedfordshire Council.
He said: "I am 70 years old and I've been in this industry for 55 years but Central Bedfordshire's planning department is one of the least efficient I have encountered. I can never get hold of senior officers, the paperwork delays are unacceptable. It's a shambles. "
The council's five year housing plan was thrown out by government inspectors earlier this year, meaning the planning committee must stick the national framework guidelines which state councillors must presume in favour of sustainable development.
But Mr England said: "I still don't think they've grasped the seriousness of the implications of their failed five year housing plan. It's a really bad situation. But in meetings with officers, they don't seem to acknowledge what they've done. A spokesman for Central Bedfordshire Council said: "It is regrettable that Mr England feels this way”
Revealed: Luton Council spends £1.1m 
on credit cards between 2013-2015
Luton Borough Council staff has racked up £1,171,939 between 2013-2015 in expenditure which includes flights abroad, for children placed with us where their birth parents or families happen to live outside of the UK, we will always identify the most cost effective way possible this will mean carrying out contact family sessions outside of the UK.The spokeswoman also said Facebook advertising 

We are Not all are Rogues in our family
It could make a good novel reading. After considerable time in a sort of a  journalistic investigation way looking back into my family background and its history, it lead me to my Great Great Grandfather Alfred Phillip Stokes. It turns out he was the hero of a very famous crime, a murder which until Jack the Ripper it was the most famous of the East End of London. The murderers wax figure was and may still be in the Madame Tusaunds  in London. So here is the back ground with publication help from the archives of the court documents, the Times newspaper and other sources, about My G/G Grandfather Alfred Stokes who received a £30 reward and then went on to set himself up a successful  business.

Bradley "The Spartan Prince"

All of Sunderland must be very proud of their very own "Spartan Prince" our Grandson Bradley Brown" who went to Switzerland this week to compete in the kick boxing Championships, and who has now become "The World Champion" in the pointing and is bringing home a gold, he also won a bronze medal in light continuous, Congratulation and well done Bradley ("The Spartan Prince") and well done to all of the Spartan team
CLICK HERE To go to see the Video and the photo page.

CLICK HERE To see a small video clip of Christine & Patrick distributing cloths
Christine and Patrick in the Dominican Republic 2012, having once again taken a number of suitcases of children cloths to distribute in the villages of the less fortunate. Notice just how polite they all were and how they all got into a queue with no pushing or shoving, it’s a pity we could not take much more, as these people have no government hand outs, even if you are out of work, and most live in wooden shed type houses with no running water/electric, not like we have in the UK we do not realise just how well off we are to live in Britain.

"Bradley My Grandson" (The Spartan Prince) The Titles He Holds including 2 world titles
He has won  44 medals and trophies all together
Along with 6 Championship belts.
British Title full contact kickboxing 2012      TAWO Champion (Tyne and Wear Open) 2012 kickboxing

Bradley “our grandson” (The Spartan Prince) winning the UK  Kick Boxing Championship Title~ February 4th 2017~ To add to his World Title along with many other Chapionship Titles

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